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We are Milou, Niek and Tom van Dinther, the owners of Collection 200! When we were young we would rather throw food at each other than enjoy it. That is different now, we are a few years older, a hundred cozy dinners further and we share a common passion: good food! We always have a party with family and friends. Good food is inextricably linked with conviviality. We grew up in a family where good food is always central. Besides the fact that it is of course necessary to eat, we would like to make it a food experience. Our goal is to share a gastronomic experience with tasty, good and honest food. We offer you various top products from all over Europe: from a truffle from Italy to caviar from France. View our collection and be inspired by our offer!

Tom! The youngest of the bunch and the real food connoisseur of the three of us. Currently still a student at the Hotel Management course in Maastricht. He may be the youngest of the bunch, but he knows better than anyone how to enjoy good food. Together with his fellow students, he conjures up a tasty meal every evening. And at weekends he enjoys the cooking skills of his father, who also studied at the Hotel Management School. You can say that it has been poured in with a spoon.

And Niek! The sportsman of the three of us, good food is extremely important. Pure enjoyment of the best products. With his experience in the branding world, he knows how important it is to create a story around a product. It is actually very simple, without a good and honest story the product will not be included in the collection, according to Niek during a family meeting. He is also the designated person to make decisions when necessary. For example, we are never finished with Niek after a family meeting, because in his eyes there is always room for improvement.

And well, Milou! She just loves good food. Ideally, the cocktail board is already on the table on Monday and the house is always filled with friends. On Saturdays, she normally takes a tour of her favorite delis and plops back on the couch with bags full of good food before the house is full again. Milou is secretly also an Instagram fanatic of the three of us, to (sometimes) annoying. Anyway, you can be made tasty with delicious dishes. Which makes you secretly very jealous.

All in all, together we form the perfect trio for Collection 200. Tom is responsible for the exclusive food selection, Niek ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and Milou takes care of the beautiful pictures. A bunch of stubborn gourmets who enjoy the best products together every weekend.